Together for a Better Madison County

56th Legislative Senate District Appointment Process

Good Jobs

From the beginning our party has fought for the idea that good paying jobs make our community stronger.

Safe Communities

We support law enforcement and relentlessly advocate to make our county a safer place to live.

Fiscal Responsibility

Our party has led the charge for fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets and measured spending.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Diversity is our greatest assets. Our supporters come from all backgrounds and walks of life.

  • Get Out And Vote!

    Today in Madison County, there are more options to vote than ever before.  Registered voters can apply to vote by mail, vote early up to 2 weeks before Election day at a convenient location or vote on Election day at their local polling place. The County Clerk is the election authority in Madison County. As the election authority, the County Clerk administers the Election by setting up voting locations, training election officials and providing ballots and counting equipment.  For information on voting you may call 618-296-6200 or visit

    To vote by mail, call the County Clerk’s office or visit  In some cases, the Democratic Party will mail an application to voters who have voted in the Democratic Party Primary to encourage them to vote.  Also, your precinct committee person can assist you in getting a mail-in ballot application.  After mailing in an application, the election authority will mail you a ballot.  As long as the ballot is postmarked before Election Day it will be counted.

    To vote early, any registered voter can vote at the County Clerk’s office up to 40 days before the Election Day.  In Madison County, there are several convenient locations that will be open two weeks before the Election. Updated information on hours and locations will be updated on this web site.

    To vote on Election Day, a voter must go to their local precinct polling location between 6:00AM and 7:00PM. To find your local polling place, refer to the voter registration card that you received in the mail or use the precinct finder at

  • Today We Change Everything!

    Now more than ever the modern Madison County Democratic Party is finding ways  to be more representative of the entire community. With more women, minorities and  younger  candidates, Democrats are proving their commitment to being open and inclusive.  Democratic candidates in Madison County are creating the kind of policies needed to help our neighbors and build our communities.

    Madison County Democrats have adopted procedures within our party to ensure that candidates are recruited, endorsed and selected in an open manner.  The best example of this commitment has been organizing caucuses for endorsement for the Presidential and Gubernatorial candidates. A public meeting is held prior to the Primary Election allowing any Democrat to have a say on which candidate is endorsed. The Candidate that receives majority support of regular voters attending the meeting will be placed on sample ballots distributed by the precinct committeepersons.

    Read the Democratic Central Committee By-Laws here

  • This is your Democratic Party! Get Involved

    If you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of your neighbors and improving the communities in which we live, the Madison County Democratic Party needs you. There are a variety of ways to get in involved.

    Become a Precinct Committeeperson: A Precinct is a voting district around a polling place.  Precinct Committeepersons run for election in their area every two years in the Democratic Primary Election.  If no one is elected in a precinct the Democratic County Chair may appoint one.  Committeepersons are responsible for informing voters in the area about Democratic candidates and on how to cast a ballot.  They also attend the County Convention and vote for leaders, the platform and rules.  After receiving training from the County Clerk, they are entitled to register citizens to vote.

    Get Appointed Precinct Captain: Someone who does not wish to run for election or would like to make a smaller commitment, may be appointed Precinct Captain.  When nominated by a Precinct Committeeperson, a Captain can be appointed to cover a smaller area such a neighborhood or subdivision with the same duties as a Committeeperson. Captains will be eligible for training as a Deputy Registrar.

    Become a volunteer:  There are a variety of volunteer positions available in specific campaigns or for specific events.  The Democratic Party will help communicate opportunities to phone bank, stuff envelopes and attend rallies. Let us know so we can help find the tasks that are right for you.

  • Join Our Next Events